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i might be out to eat because it's all about who they know i might show join me to meet the gem and bundled up the. post. this is t w news coming to you live from democrats reclaim power in the u.s. house of representatives new house has more women and more diversity ever before and a leader determined to take on president donald trump democrats' first order of business from ending the government shutdown with out funding the president's mordor was also coming up on certain fate for dozens of migrants stuck on the rescue ships off
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malta aid groups say conditions are deteriorating on board as e.u. officials urge member states to let them lead. and we take a look back at yesterday's clash between liverpool and manchester city as former one of the u. coaches a pep guardiola and you're going club went head to head in the premier league title race. plus one of the world's great cities at risk of losing a unique part of its high density song called famous meal and signs have been lighting up the island for decades but cheaper and modern alternatives are becoming more popular activists trying to protect hong kong's neon. blue i'm terry martin good to have you with us democrat sets. swept back to power
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in the u.s. house of representatives and they immediately flex their new authority by passing a new budget bill that snubs president trump's key demand billions in funding for a u.s. mexican border wall democrats are presiding over the most diverse house in u.s. history which for the first time includes muslim women. everybody. selfies with friends and supporters rushy that's how you can one of the first two muslim women elected to congress a historic moment. so really nice when people like us were in the office when it was we look forward to seeing all the great things that she'll do and all of those that she will represent and the voice that she will provide to to those of us that typically are overlooked. the congresswoman from michigan still has to learn her way around couple to heal just like a fellow democrat on the press play from massachusetts who brought her family to
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celebrate the swearing in day with her i'm humbled i'm grateful and many people have asked me if i'm up for it if i feel pressure to either because of historical significance of being a first store because of the crossroads we find ourselves at as a country where the fact that we are coming into congress in the midst of a government shutdown and to that i would just say that i don't feel pressured i feel a tremendous responsibility and out there are doing everything possible to meet that every day. the new congress has already made history by seating a record number of women and becoming the most ethnically diverse while the republicans still have more seats in the senate the new democratic majority in the house of representatives is poised to serve as a check of the u.s. president their first challenge as the government shutdown the standoff between the democrats and strum could set the tone for a combative two years. and in these two years it's this mormon who will face off
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against president struck. nancy pelosi extends you taking the gavel us a new speaker of the house nancy pelosi reclaim the post she already held from two thousand and seven to twenty eleven nation is in stark alone. two months ago the american people spoke and demanded and i don't think called upon the beauty of our constitution our system of checks and balances to protect our democracy remembering that the legislative branch is article one the first branch of government co-equal to the presidency and she vision to share. the new majority quickly went on the offensive approving bills to reopen the government and without the money for the border would president trump demands with a conflict likely to intensify well then you'll be elected lawmakers this is only
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the beginning. for more on the story i'm joined by boris form on he's professor of politics at bard college here in berlin specializing in american public policy thank you for joining us this morning the democrat led house has approved a new draft budget bill that does not include funding for the border wall the president trump wall what do anything to end the standoff with president trump and and get people get federal employees back to work well i mean it's taking the position i think in part this is symbolic politics this is about taking a stance making clear to trump also that the next two years will be a more rocky terrain but it has been in the first two years of united govern government. well i mean you're right this is basically both saving face and trump is not going to accept that the senate is probably not going to pass that there's no chance whatsoever for the come through but this is
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a vote. expect change in washington with this new house of representatives but i think one thing that's certainly going to happen is that the pressures on trump will increase even in united government his legislative record is not his. ministration is not very strong he has had the tax cuts and that's most of what he's been able to show many of the things that have happened in the first two years were executive decisions were. a rule by decree and this is something that doesn't have a long term sustainability so the things that trump has. has implemented so far would theoretically be easy to dismantle the word democratic president after his administration so we're going to see. the attempts to use subpoena power to to perhaps start in the pitchmen which probably is going to fail as well because
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the senate is in the hand of the of the of the republicans but there's going to be a harsh wind that goes against trump just one more question on this budget impasse how do you see this playing out that the side ceased seems so hard in their positions. yet that's a tough one i think many of the things that might be some kind of a trade off mitch mcconnell and others in the republican party have been trying to . launch attempts of having some kind of a compromise to also offer something something to democrats in order for them to support it build the but also from the front the wall but the positions are very hard and it's a reflection of the deepening recession in the political system that has been around for three decades at least so yes there there is an impasse ok we have an impasse in washington not too much new there up fast of course for months berlin's bard college thank you so much for joining us this morning. now to some of the
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other stories making headlines around the world today southern thailand is preparing for the most powerful tropical storm to hit the region in almost thirty years authorities have suspended ferry services and air travel to a popular tourist islands in the gulf of thailand thousands of people have been urged to evacuate or seek shelter from low lying areas. russian prosecutors have formally charged a u.s. citizen paul wieland with espionage a former marine was detained in moscow last friday his lawyer is now seeking his release on bail of suspects family denies he was a spy and says he was visiting moscow to attend a friend's wedding. an explosion occurred outside a local office of germany's paul right if the party on thursday police say an unknown substance was detonated at the storefront in the center of durban in saxony no one was injured best years are looking into whether the attack was politically motivated. aid workers say the health of nearly fifty migrants stuck on
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rescue ships off the coast of malta is deteriorating the migrants were rescued in waters off libya's coast within the last two weeks the two rescue ships which are run by german aid organizations are now located near malta activists say those on board are suffering severe sea sickness brought on by rough seas and heavy weather all to italy and spain have all refused to let the passengers disembark reflecting sharp divisions in the e.u. over migration policy. for the migrants at sea the days are beginning to melt into one. since their dramatic rescue off the libyan coast in december they've been in limbo in the narrow confines of the ships. they say that conditions on board are getting worse and that they have no idea where they will end up. i do d.
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i'll tell you. this news only i'm heading to only two i'm going to utah but i do come to be where. we need to head as you can see you doing student lizzie. and. this is really odd. to see a lot of difficulty. several german and italian cities have reportedly offered the migrants a spokeswoman for the european commission said migration commissioner dimitris of roma pulis has been speaking with member states to break the deadlock commissioner for more calls for them to provide support and contribute to the joint efforts to do. more security of all men. and once again i think many times that picked. for disembarkation and argentina in the mediterranean. but it is the men women and children floating
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in the mediterranean are learning the hard way the union is anything but united on migration. lebannon our piles of trash along the coastline near beirut are frustrating residents and uniting them they're rising above sectarian divisions to come together and do something about the pollution. the beaches of the lebanese capital beirut could be beautiful if they weren't so often drowning in garbage. that it's something bees young. people want to change with the motto run and clean they combine exercise with their commitment to the environment tara does n.-g. o. live love beirut are joining in on the action for the fourth time. young people in particular are no longer willing to accept the lack of action from local politicians when it comes to the environment. this is part of the
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outcome of the crisis that few years ago we see that people are more and more concerned with all the problems facing the environment in lebanon and we are very happy to see that all the people young people thought that he is you are all coming all together in order to remove all the trust and to be part of any kind of solution this commitment to cleaning up has united the young people of beirut both christians and muslims sectarian divisions in the country i mean it seems like this have not been the norm. and there's a lot of. lebanon so we could do anything just so we can. help the local authorities are when it comes to waste management and i think we should put it on record that while we were running to clean this part of the beach the coast we saw the mayor walking in the opposite direction and we asked him to come help and need by example and he said he was too busy in two thousand and fifteen
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and two thousand and sixteen a waste management crisis had the streets of beirut covered in meter high garbage operations stopped after local residents forced the closure of a large local landfill. works in environmental protection at the american university in beirut she says the government ignored all the warning signs that led up to the crisis it would happen again because we don't see from the government and the plan to a sound waste management solution recycling take can. honors have since been set up by private businesses run by people like c i b chucker he says since the waste crisis for many people simply throwing rubbish away is no longer enough. people have really embraced and they're asking us for more and more the occasion separating household waste has proved fig business for the entrepreneur last year at the checkers company sorted some twenty tons of trash every day here syrian
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refugees separate metal textiles paper and plastic the garbage is completely recycled eleven on the very high organic component of the trash is turned into compost the problem was before the crisis is that all this waste would go to a landfill and when the crisis happened this was the instigation to build a facility like this one when you have to sort of thing and go boasting and we had nothing go through the end of the intimidating the entrepreneurs idea of a circular economy can be seen on the roof of this refugee center. have a checker makes these so-called eco boards from plastic waste they are then filled with organic produce from the sorting planned to complete the vertical gardening set up. with women from the refugee center have used the vegetables they grow to found their own catering service. the money they earn helps contribute to
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a more independent life. sports know unless studs huge clash in the english premier league did not disappoint the defending champions manchester city edged league leaders liverpool two one. from the sports is here to talk us through the action heyday so how did the trial unfold well it was an incredibly intense affair i mean even though it's still relatively early in the season it really felt like this could be a deciding momentous match and both played like it you felt it was super to. i know that it was a really exciting match to watch there weren't that many chances things are razor close throughout and it looks really like things weren't going to open up too much until sergio where zero scored an amazing goal late in the first half to open things up and once he broke things open it looked like liverpool wouldn't have too much of a chance against manchester city they did manage to score a beautiful team goal about an hour or so into the match but leroy senay had
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another great finish to level things off a two one which is how it ended and his goal was great every goal was really beautiful in the match there was tons of great stuff to see it was really a thrilling nailbiting match and i think the end score was a fair one ok so liverpool lost but liverpool beat manchester city three times in twenty eight team what was different this time yeah i mean you could always say new year new luck of course but i think there's a bit more to it i think manchester city coach pep guardiola did a great job of having a strong game plan and executing it well mentions your city did really good to control the match and to frustrate liverpool for an indian you know stood out to me in the manchester city midfield he did an excellent job of just taking up tons of space clocking out passing lanes and making sure that liverpool's famous front attacking three rarely got time on the ball so they did a good job of limiting chances before they even started and then it where o.
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stood out a top for manchester city with his really nice strike and then also just working hard throughout the match and he relishes these matches against big teams you scored thirty seven times it comes back six clubs in the prem so he's been really strong with matches. and so now we're going to hear from coach pep guardiola manchester city to see what he thought about the result i think it was it with discipline tackle and both teams play to have to lean. and nothing so is not the final it was a final for us because it was in today was almost over and when today we had already there so now the premier league is everybody tie again so we'll see the top in the future to relax rest because in three days we have another big test in the effect up. talking about a big test ill to come so dave what does this mean for the premier league title
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race things are just incredibly tight up top so liverpool are still in first but they only have a four point cushion ahead of manchester city so this match really puts a lot of pressure on them and tottenham really aren't too far behind the top two and then chelsea you are only ten points out in fourth place so you feel that it's really tight and the liverpool will be a bit disappointed to have this mounting pressure on them it's exciting for the neutrals and it's really been impressive what liverpool have accomplished considering that manchester city won with a nineteen point cushion last season no one really expected it to be so competitive so it's been great for us vans. and now we'll be able to hear from you're going top coach of liverpool about his take on the result as well quite often do inmates lighting tech lives and blocks in their own six out books that doesn't happen too often for cd i would say so that's a big that the credit to my boys that we did that but at the end we lost it and we
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have to take the take that some of us came in last in our life and know from that point of view. it's not really cool but it's one of the three results they could have happened it's been one we didn't like but still have to take it to them oh that's people moon. ripple coach your can close up they're still sounding upbeat despite his defeat so how are you putting your money on assuming you're a betting man for the premier league title yeah unfortunately i'm not a betting man but if i had to do it i think i would stick with the or pool as cops said it wasn't their first ever loss but it was their first of the season maybe it's because he's such a lovable guy but i i think they have what it takes to pull it out the season dave thanks so much stay brother from did that your sports. hall is famous for its iconic neon signs they've been lighting up rows of shops and restaurants on the island for decades but as modern alternatives grow more popular
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hong kong could be at risk of losing an unique part of its heritage less artisans and activists can see. it is one of the last to master craftsmen of neon signage in hong kong business people bring him their hand drawn designs that he makes the neon signs that hong kong is famous for. he works with glass tubes which he painstakingly bends into shape it's precision work who found his profession by chance. it was the summer holidays when i was eighteen my father thought i was doing nothing so he got me a job with the neon sign make. who was offered the opportunity to stay on and he decided not to go back to school it's quite a challenge to form the complicated chinese characters the work has remained the
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same bending the glass touching the ignition coil. and filling the tube with fluorescent gas all is done by hand but for wu much has changed and. up until fifteen or twenty years ago i worked every day for seven or eight hours making me own cherubs so. today it's maybe four or five days a month. so within his incl now comes mainly from other jobs the neon signs that used to be hong kong's trademark are becoming a rare sight carden china has been documenting those that remain in. business closer to. the hong kong that used to. she runs a group that hopes to protect hong kong's neon heritage many old signs have been taken down because of new safety regulations and a cheaper alternative to neon is replacing those that remain. here and the blue and
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yellow one here. after the l.e.d. and one day i think in addition to these you can actually come to see the signs symbolize wealth in a city that once set trends for the rest of the continent for chan a part of hong kong's identity is fading. sometimes it's actually easy i was. on food a day maybe. times it may not be. hong kong is a changing city. many people from hong kong fear a loss of political and cultural independence carden china wants to keep the craft of bending the young glass alive so she's planning workshops with master craftsman . we're going to see things change we have to accept this. i think the key is for us to find new uses for
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a new alliance. for example using them as lamps and decorations for interior design . perhaps we use vision maybe the best way to avoid losing an art form so closely linked to hong kong. stay in asia we've had a rocky start into the new year for japanese investors monika i know terry they only started trading today they had a quite a long holiday and the stock markets they have tumbled as they reopened after the new year holiday the nikkei index lost almost two point three percent a stick knology and it's funny. in the first trading day of twenty nine thousand as many investors fear that apple's dial quarterly warning could tom the global economy despite these worries japan stock exchange head yours has said that he was optimistic the market would pick up in twenty nineteen he said that's as he rang the bell to begin trading for the gap no other major indices in the region most
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notably hong kong's hang seng and shanghai composite ended the session with games of that on strong data from china's private sector. so a little bit of a mixed picture there joining me now is pakistan but it's our financial markets correspondent in france. paul i mean it was really a surprise that japan stocks went down but the yen picking up and that sharply what's what's happening. yes and that means that japan has much more to worry about than just a short hangover after the holidays in fact japanese finance ministry official said today that he's worried about the high volatility in the end because over these japanese holidays we saw what's been called a flash crash in the currency market where other currencies dropped but the yen surged. within a matter of minutes and the reasons for this are still unclear really but what it
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does show is an continued interest in the end as a safe haven is considered a safe haven when things in other areas go astray and that's turning out to be a problem for japan especially now with the prospect of a weaker u.s. dollar and new one. which means japan will have more trouble to grow and to get. sorry. to growth it's it's it's definitely a rocky start. as we've mentioned. but you mention safe haven and the yen isn't the only safe haven gold's also back in session. yes and while people like you and me my measure of gold in answers are ground stock exchange here measures and tons and it's placed seven ton tons more gold. it's storage and it's safe in the past year. and that's because gold
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bonds were in high demand for every bond one gram is added to the safe and especially in the last quarter it surged up to two worries over brags that the u.s. china trade relations and italy budget and the run for gold has begun. in france it thank you so much. for madison boss carlos gowon sounds from japanese prosecuted quite. a hearing to find out why he has been in detention since his arrest in november gone has been locked up in a tokyo jail since authorities arrested him on charges of financial misconduct a second arrest warrant was issued two weeks ago with fresh allegations according to japanese constitutional law a hearing to clarify reasons for detention must be held within five days of requests. and china's government says u.s.
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representatives will visit beijing on monday for talks in an attempt to ease trade tensions between the two countries u.s. president and his chinese counterpart teaching ping had agreed to halt additional tariffs on goods from each of those countries i was last year that decision went into effect on december the first and it lasts ninety days while they work on a more permanent solution the negotiations will stop a focus of steel products and cost so soft hundreds of billions of dollars worth of merchandise in affected i guess a coke zero tabs. there was a good news life from berlin wall coming up at the top of the hour thanks for joining.
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